SenseForce Chair-Extreme

The Chair Extreme was a Kickstarter project, which unfortunately did not reach the investment goal. However, we still believe in this project. This why we are looking for excited investors, who would like to support our 3D- feel product.


The SenseForce Sound System converts acoustic signals into impulses, which can be felt in 3D directly on the body.

This works via four vibrating zones, which primarily translate low-pitched sounds into structure-borne sound. Your brain assembles the impulses of the four zones in such a way that you can locate the game contents on your body in any direction.

Why 4 Zonen only? Unlike watching with 2 eyes or hearing with 2 ears your brain combines left and right singals also when you "feel". On the seating area and on the back area you experience very accurate local tactile feedback.  

The source of all impulse information is exclusively the audio channels of the game.  So you are completely independent of any additional software or engines and don't run the risk of being recognized as a cheater by anti-cheat tools. 

In addition, the SenseForce Chair-Extreme is compatible with any audio playback system. This means you can connect it to all consoles, PC systems, as well as mobile devices. 

It even works with your mobile phone to just "feel" music once in a while.

Sound Feel Features

  • Most powerful vibration actuation
  • 4 fully independent vibration zones
  • Controllable vibration intensity and characteristics
  • built-in Bluetooth low latency
  • Plug & Play
  • Sound Feel Option: built-in second audio line-in interface enables you to control the left/right vibrations on the back area and the left/right vibrations of the seating area separately for full & real 3D feeling directly on you body

Chair Features

  • Flat Lounge Function: More flexibility than in any other gaming chair. You can tilt the chair into a fully horizontal mode: lay, relax and enjoy your music.
  • 4D arm rest: move the armrest into any position you like. This is more than most of usual gaming chairs offer
  • Nylon base & 6mm nylon RacingCastor: robust castor and surface material for a long-life of the chair
  •  Frog mechanism: Highest flexibility in position settings
  •  Gas lift class 47: Best in class gas lift system
  •  Cover material PU with 1,5mm thickness: extremely robust
  •  Foam: Cold molded foam for the whole chair. Long-life foam. 
  •  Power Bank prepared: use the SenseForce Chair-Extreme as a fully wireless unit with your own power bank as an option. Cable connection is already prepared.


All SenseForce Products run completly without any additional SW or App and is fully compatible with all Gaming, Smartphone or PC platforms.  

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